Hi, I'm Rhonda Logan. My life's work is devoted to counseling, advocacy, & help.

Rhonda Logan's Bio:

Rhonda Logan is a professional dedicated to helping others rediscover the original intent and design for broken or damaged lives, dreams, paths. She is an advocate for those needing a voice. In time of need, Ms. Logan is the help individuals, professionals, and organizations have sought for solutions counseling, faith based service, and community building. Rhonda's passion is that which fuels her uncanny talent of bringing order and direction to situations and entities void of clear and concise, goal-oriented, people-focused solutions and leadership.

Rhonda Logan's Experience:

Rhonda Logan's Education:

Rhonda Logan's Interests & Activities:

Community Building & Engagement, Advocacy, Strategy Development, Branding, Personal Development, Biblical Studies, Natural living, Cultural Awareness and Appreciation