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Tensions are high! People are upset!

This was Rhonda Logan’s (candidate for District 1 City Council) response after being asked by National Public Radio her thoughts on how emotional and upset the Frayser community was with officers after the Marshal-involved shooting that occurred June 12, 2019.

“This was an incident that took place in this community, but it is not indicative of this community and it will not crush Frayser,”

— Rhonda Logan

When asked if blacks were treated differently by police officers Logan responded “it’s not a new topic or issue, I do think economic injustice, social injustice, and inequality is something that we are undertaking. However, we are making gains, but we have a long way to go.

During the interview, Logan also brought awareness that pastors and leaders in the community are continuing to work together to encourage hope in addition to providing counseling for citizens affected by the recent violence.

Logan says community leaders are interminably dedicated to being advocates of bringing programs and economics to the community that will amount to change.

Logan who resides, work, and worship in District 1, personally knows the constituents who represent this community is consistently crying out for equity and transparency. For this reason, she announced her City Council candidacy and is committed to helping build and bridge District 1.

According to Logan, “there are challenges in Frayser, but this community has come together to resolve them and is moving forward”.

Building, Bridging, and Moving District 1 Forward
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July 6, 2019





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